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What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient healing modality. It can be traced back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Aborigines, Native Americans, Shamans, and through many traditions around the world. Some could argue that sound is actual the source of creation ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ – John 1:1

If we adhere to the wisdom of the ancients and mystics, which modern science is now proving sound stretches beyond the 20-20K Hertz that we hear with our ears.  Our thoughts are vibrations (sound), our emotions are sound, our body is in fact sound.  Therefore to truly work with the depth of sound in a healing way we must access all aspects of our self.  Once we do we are able to create harmony and healing on all levels through AWARENESS + INTENTION + SOUND.  


How does sound healing work?

Matt works with sound in an innovative process called ‘Soul Vibing’ this process is designed to bring sound, breath, bio-chemistry, psychology and meditation together taking you on a journey into a hyper-conscious state where you gain access to a larger awareness, creativity skyrockets, and you body syncs into the flow-state.  

This is accomplished through the use of drums, didgerdoo, gongs, crystal bowls, channeled sounds and many other healing instruments merged with practices designed to tuned the instruments of your mind, emotion and body. 

For those new to sound healing, there’s a great introduction to sound video here.

Benefits of sound healing

Sound healing is said to help improve:

Psychological and behavioral disorders
Sleep disorders
Stress management
Drive creativity

Stronger immunity
Mood swings
Feeling of relaxation

Expectations of a sound healing experience:

Heightened awareness of state and mind
Deep meditation
Stops over-thinking
Feel the present, the now
Spiritual feeling or connection

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